climate control

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air con – fail !


in fatzer we trust ^^^

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a swebian insider …. 🙂


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a8 ulm – stuttgart

panna cotta

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the goal was to produce panna cotta for 120 people

now there`s panna cotta for 100 People and i got to clean the kitchen for two hours … *fail


dinner of the knights

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castle teck / kircheim / teck


ibm ds3500 / degraded drive channel

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got an customer ibm ds3500 (vmware cluster) with the following error : “drive channel set to degraded” and “individual drive degraded path”

in the diagnostics were shown errors on the counter for “controller detected errors” and “drive detected errors” on one drive channel – this meant to me that there were some problems with the fc cable or the sfps of the controller – after changeing the two sfps and the fc cables after a few hours the problem was still the same.

bugged out. did a ibm support call and sent the detailed drive data – after analysing the data:

the factor for the errors was one of the disks of a raid10 array ! wow-  the disk itself was shown in the storage manager as healthy ! one defective disk (which was shown as healthy) leads to a degraded drive channel – this makes me worrying about ibm storage … hint: don`t waste time for self debugging (ibm) sans 😉

ibm ds4700 / logical drive not on preferred path

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a ibm ds4700 with four exp 810 units lost it`s preferred path setting for one controller /some logical drives. consequences : there were some machines with non-redundant paths connected to the san – these machines lost their mounted luns.(datastore for a mail machine, datastore for a fileserver with 14TB…) first i changed on the fibre channel switch fabric the zoneing to the healthy controller and remounted the drives to get the server systems back on production. after some research i seems to be clear that the solution is just only to map the logical drives back to the preferred controller/path … *sigh you can change the controller settings for the logical drives under production scenario. learned: do *all* fc/san connections redundant – don`t save money on your fibrechannel san design … 🙂

message on the storage manager / recovery guru : Logical Drive Not On Preferred Path

fuck facebook

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deleted my facebook account today. waste of time.

VT not active…

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didn`t  turned on VT at my new quadcore workstation and wondered weeks about the slowness of the vmware machines …. *fail


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