vmware vsphere and symantec endpoint / webserver port conflict

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got an customers w2k8 r2 mgmt machine with symantec endpoint and vmware vsphere. the problem: after installing the endpoint product under vmware vsphere the performance graphs for the vm’s don`t apear and the client crashes immediately(detail: the vmware webservice services crash and cannot restart successfully). cause: both software product got webservers on board, that means port conflicts. the solution: the machine got two nics; one nic for mgmt net, one nic for a production net. i changed in the vmware tomcat config the localhost definitions to the mgmt ip because i saw that the endpoint used the other interface automatically. now the tomcat services for the vsphere installation run on a different interface and there are no more conflicts with the two webserver instances… the better solution is not to install two products with different webservers on one machine – especially under a windows server.

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