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building a large scaled monitoring system for a customer with icinga 1.4.0 + pnp4nagios 0.6 (bulk mode with npcd), db logging. it will monitor very different stuff …. from servers to network, from esx(i) to linux machines, from firewalls to printers … good to see that all the needed software comes from the debian stable repositories (non-free). once again debian FTW !



say hello debian wheezy !

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today i upgraded my workstation to debian testing aka wheezy with kernel 2.6.38-2-amd64. some problems with the mysql-server-5.1 and with vmware workstation 7.1.4 but overall ok. ( vmware patch : http://www.linuxinsight.com/vmware-workstation-7.1.3-runs-great-on-linux-kernel-2.6.37.html )


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just updated some esxi hosts, merged a snapshot with a flatfile vm, switched 17 servers to different esxi hosts – vmware is a good product. now we can do even online backups with esxi 4.1 – ghettoVCB.sh http://communities.vmware.com/

one important thing left so say: never touch or move vms with snapshots ^^

vmware / centos 5 network settings

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copied vm centos 5 machines with fixed ip settings to a different esxi server. put the machines in a vm net with an active dhcp server. the centos machines switched at boot-time to dhcp and automatically disabled the fixed ip settings. centos creates a new interface configuration file with dhcp settings. the old config file is backed. why ? the mac adress has changed ! (vmware moving). to prevent this you should probably configure the mac adresses from the old esxi system or adjust the network cfg files on centos.

new virtualization project

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i`m planning a new virtualization structure for a customer. this time based on three ibm x3650 m3 machines; one machine as iSCSI target, the other two machines with vmware ESXi 4.1, for sure it will be real fun to configure one x3650 m3 as a iSCSI target – hoping debian stable will install clean without patching the kernel for raid modules or something ….  🙂

VT not active…

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didn`t  turned on VT at my new quadcore workstation and wondered weeks about the slowness of the vmware machines …. *fail

finished virtualization project

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finished a classical virtualization project

used : 4* hp proliant dl380g7, 1* hp storage works p2000 g3 fc + 2 extension, vmware esx 4 vsphere essential plus, hp procurve 2910 al 48g,  hp usv r8000