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real entertainment !

half marathon #fail

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missed the challange today because of sickness *dammit !
since thursday i fight with the diarrhea thing …


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rap news #7

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screenOS or junOS ?

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thinking about the differences between ssg and srx juniper firewall devices. my main focus is on stability and usual features like VPN stuff. srx devices might deliver some more and better features (on the other hand i.e. lack of ipv6 support (but announced)); for me it seems like the ssg devices are more stable and i know that they can do what i need to do.  ssg5 i.e. has been started last year, the end of life of ssg series is far away (hope so). the administration stuff (console, web) has changed completely in junOS – another reason to stay on ssg devices.  anyway: i`m pretty sure in a few years junOS will be the choice …

right now i`m using a SSG550M / planning to replace several linux VPN gateways with SSG5 boxes


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last cigarette i smoked 8 days ago !

sync accountdata from mysql to openldap and active directory

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working on a system to sync userdata from mysql to openldap *and* active directory. goal is to have synchronised systems (openldap/ad) and a webbased management – YEAH ! right now i`m playing with – thx to the lsc irc – channel !

routing mail with exim4 to different mailservers

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must do this to migrate mailboxes from exchange2k3 to exchange2010
i prefer postfix to do mta stuff but here we got exim4 …

the transport still exists (remote_smtp > 30_exim4-config_remote_smtp)


driver = manualroute
domains = ! +local_domains
transport = remote_smtp
host_find_failed = defer
same_domain_copy_routing = yes
route_data = ${lookup{$domain}lsearch{/etc/exim4/routes}}

/etc/exim4/routes :

network map

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traffic map after one day … one the left side my machine 🙂

wikileaks mirror

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maybe i should do a http mirror for wikileaks – should work also with an dyndns/ dsl line ?

edit 06/02/2011 meanwile i think it`s a good choice dont`to support them